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Disallow (unescaped) newlines in strings.

a {  content: "first    second";     โ†‘}                โ†‘/**              โ†‘ * The newline here */

The spec says this: "A string cannot directly contain a newline. To include a newline in a string, use an escape representing the line feed character in ISO-10646 (U+000A), such as '\A' or '\00000a'." And also: "It is possible to break strings over several lines, for aesthetic or other reasons, but in such a case the newline itself has to be escaped with a backslash (\)."



The following patterns are considered violations:

a {  content: "first    second";}
[title="somethingis probably wrong"] {}
a {  font-family: "Times    New    Roman";}

The following patterns are not considered violations:

a {  content: "first\Asecond";}
a {  content: "first\\nsecond";}
[title="nothing\  is wrong"] {}
a {  font-family: "Times New Roman";}