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Specify a list of disallowed pseudo-class selectors.

a:hover {}
/** โ†‘
* This pseudo-class selector */

This rule ignores selectors that use variable interpolation e.g. :#{$variable} {}.


array|string|regex: ["array", "of", "unprefixed", /pseudo-classes/ or "/regex/"]|"pseudo-class"|/regex/

If a string is surrounded with "/" (e.g. "/^nth-/"), it is interpreted as a regular expression. This allows, for example, easy targeting of shorthands: /^nth-/ will match nth-child, nth-last-child, nth-of-type, etc.


["hover", "/^nth-/"]

The following patterns are considered violations:

a:hover {}
a:nth-of-type(5) {}
a:nth-child(2) {}

The following patterns are not considered violations:

a:focus {}
a:first-of-type {}