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Disallow vendor prefixes for selectors.

input::-moz-placeholder {}/**     ↑ * This prefix */

This rule does not blanketly condemn vendor prefixes. Instead, it uses Autoprefixer's up-to-date data (from to know whether a vendor prefix should cause a violation or not. If you've included a vendor prefixed selector that has a standard alternative, one that Autoprefixer could take care of for you, this rule will complain about it. If, however, you use a non-standard vendor-prefixed selector, one that Autoprefixer would ignore and could not provide, this rule will ignore it.

The fix option can automatically fix all of the problems reported by this rule.



The following patterns are considered violations:

input::-moz-placeholder {}
:-webkit-full-screen a {}

The following patterns are not considered violations:

input::placeholder {}
:full-screen a {}

Optional secondary options#

ignoreSelectors: ["/regex/", "non-regex"]#

Ignore vendor prefixes for selectors.


["::-webkit-input-placeholder", "/-moz-.*/"]

The following patterns are not considered violations:

input::-webkit-input-placeholder {  color: pink;}
input::-moz-placeholder {  color: pink;}