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Disallow shorthand properties that override related longhand properties.

a { background-repeat: repeat; background: green; }
/** ↑
* This overrides the longhand property before it */

In almost every case, this is just an authorial oversight. For more about this behavior, see MDN's documentation of shorthand properties.

The message secondary option can accept the arguments of this rule.



The following patterns are considered problems:

a {
padding-left: 10px;
padding: 20px;
a {
transition-property: opacity;
transition: opacity 1s linear;
a {
-webkit-transition-property: opacity;
-webkit-transition: opacity 1s linear;
a {
border-top-width: 1px;
top: 0;
bottom: 3px;
border: 2px solid blue;

The following patterns are not considered problems:

a { padding: 10px; padding-left: 20px; }
a { transition-property: opacity; } a { transition: opacity 1s linear; }
a { transition-property: opacity; -webkit-transition: opacity 1s linear; }