#Reviewing pull requests

Rules of thumb:

Merge process:

  1. Make sure the pull request has the correct number of approvals:

    • For simple documentation fixes: one;
    • For all other pull requests: two.
  2. "Squash and merge" commits, ensuring the resulting commit message is consistently formatted:

    • Sentence case.
    • Descriptive.
  3. Update the CHANGELOG directly via the GitHub website for all merged PRs (except documentation changes):

    • Create a ## [Head] heading if one does not exist already.
    • Create a compare URL for [Head] heading if one does not exist already. e.g. [Head]: https://github.com/stylelint/stylelint/compare/9.10.0...HEAD
    • Prefix the item with either: Removed, Changed, Deprecated, Added, or Fixed.
    • Order the item within the group by the widest reaching first to the smallest, and then alphabetically by rule name.
    • Suffix the item with the relevant pull request number, using the complete GitHub URL so that it works on the website.
    • If applicable, lead the item with the name of rule e.g. "Fixed: unit-blacklist false positives for SCSS nested properties".
  4. Lastly, post the item as a comment to the pull request.